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More Fun with PogoPlug

February 19, 2013

OK let’s see what other magic I can make…

  • X wp-naapd
    • Removed, daemon won’t run with systemd out of the box
  • X Try mediatomb
    • W00t!  works great with mysql db
    • UPnP players for Android and OSX are crappy.  No UPnP/DNLA for Roku.
    • Removed.
  • √ Reinstalled Pogoplug software for web access
    • Works great!  I can access all my goodies over the internet.  It’s too slow for listening to music away from home.
    • Best solution for playing from Android phone, good browser and player options, UI is responsive.
  • Stream iTunes Music to Mac and Roku
    • Installed Plex server using alpha build for ARM devices (started here then toward end of the thread found an updated build here).
    • It works!  At least the older build.  Quite slow but maybe a good Roku solution to get content to the TV/stereo (Plex player UI is well developed)
    • TODO: Try updated build, create a systemd service/script using the instructions from mediatomb.

Still more stuff to try…


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