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June 7, 2008

These are sites I visit frequently and/or send to people that are training up or looking for answers.


  • Browser Support Charts – Comprehensive browser compatibility charts for HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. Use the “browsers to display” link to dial up Safari, Opera, etc.
  • Choose Rendering Mode Using DOCTYPE – You simply must understand this concept if you’re developing cross-browser sites. Standards mode is your friend. Quirks mode is madness.


  • – The definitive starting place to learn about the W3C DOM, events, etc.
  • JavaScript Reference – A basic JavaScript crib note type reference site. There are others but I keep coming back to this one for its simplicity.
  • Performance Tips – Good performance tips that have held up well as browsers continue to evolve.


  • WestCiv’s CSS Guide – This is not free, but it’s a great guide for someone that knows nothing about CSS and wants to get up to speed quickly. This is the resource I used years ago when I was starting my career in web development.
  • – Stu Nichols is a true CSS geek and he’s compiled his research here. A nice place to look if you’re in search of a solution to a twisty problem.
  • Clearing Floats – Probably one of the most viewed CSS articles on the web. Excellent information about how and why floats work the way they do and how to bend them to your will. Once you understand clearing floats there’s actually a much easier way: “overflow: hidden; *zoom: 1;”.
  • Usable Cross Browser Font Sizing – This is my preferred method for building layouts with ems so they scale reliably. For more detail I wrote a post on the topic.
  • Cross-Browser Inline-Block


  • HTML Reference – There are other general HTML references out there, I like the way this one is organized