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Weaning myself off of Amazon

November 6, 2020

It’s the Walmart of the internet, grinding up small businesses and sucking up huge sectors of the economy. My small act of eschewing their marketplace won’t turn the tide… but I’ll feel a whole lot better about every purchase.

I’ll keep updating this post as I find new sources.

1st Option: The seller website

Sure OK, use Amazon to search but look at the seller name… often it’s the company that makes the product. Google up their website and buy direct. More of your money will go to them rather than the middleman. Sometimes this is cheaper! Amazon is like any large company/monopoly… once they have a captive customer base they selectively increase prices to squeeze more $$$ out of you.

Ebooks – Local Austin business, sells ebooks via Kobo for a portion of the sale.

Paper books

If you prefer paper, is a newly successful non-profit that has grown 10x during the pandemic and enables local book stores to survive and thrive.

Vitamin supplements or directly from preferred brands.

Share your tips

Anyone else have a great way to starve the behemoth? Create an account and comment!

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