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Back on track with Bukobot

August 18, 2014

After a long hiatus I buckled down to get going again with the printer.  I used the “nylon cold pull” technique to clear the nozzle… pretty slick trick.

Ok here goes… Gumby Guns.


Gumby, a train scale card, and his weapons.

My buddy Greg runs model trains and has cooked up a whole village of Gumbys and Benders to run the place.  Some of the Gumbys are cops so they need guns.  Among other things.

Really small things are tough to print!  True 1:29 scale it’s too small even with 0.1mm layers so I doubled the size.  I plated then upside down, barrel parallel to the bed and the grip sticking up.  The pic is of my first batch.  What you don’t see are the other three that got borked by as melty plastic booger on the nozzle.  I managed to print a solo pistol with the barrel filled in, etc and it came out better.  When I try to do groups though the nozzle drags a bit and knocks em off the plate.

Gonna try placing the group at a 45 degree angle to see if that changes the path of the printing head.  Also going to try a lighter touch on the bed leveling… I tend to adjust it down right to smoosh the first layer.

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