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Nearly successful calibration print

June 14, 2014

Huzzah!  After breaking a bunch of glass, cursing Kapton, and putting my laptop in the shop I finally have my calibration print.  Not done yet… hopefully I’m not jinxing it.


My build plate temperature control seems to be stuck, it goes all the way to max no matter what I set it on.  It’s at 150c!  Much too high.

This broke the glass I started with and several pieces of window glass and mirror before I learned about Borosilicate glass (heat stress resistant).

Applying skinny strips of Kapton tape is maddening.  Instead I’m spraying hairspray on the glass and printing directly on it.  Works great!  We’ll see how hard it is to remove the print.

Aaugh!  The printer stopped due to MAXTEMP.  Time for some more Googling…  at least the print came off the plate real easy!

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